Confined space

Confined space accidents are a major concern in a variety of industries because of their hazards. Confined space training describes techniques and protocols for safely entering confined spaces, including hazards, hazards, and precautions. Confined spaces include pits, tanks, pits, wells, sewers, tunnels, pipes, boilers, silos, etc. Working in confined spaces can result in death or injury in any industry, from complex sites to simple storage areas. This includes not only those who work in confined spaces, but also managers, controllers, and others associated with confined spaces.

Benefits of taking this Course

  • Ensuring safe work practices in confined spaces.
  • Knowledge of the hazards associated with confined spaces and actions taken to control them.
  • Notify the evacuation team in the event of an emergency in an enclosed space.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of supervisors, support staff, participants, and other relevant individuals
  • Observe precautions when entering confined spaces.
  • Importance of monitoring methods, permits, exposure limits and ventilation
  • Limited space structure

Who should choose this course?

Site managers, engineers, safety officers, confined space entrants, supervisors, attendants.

Learning Outcomes

The overall objective of this course is to protect those entering or working around a confined space. In this course you will learn the principles related to safe working with confined spaces. Objectives of this course are:

  • Introduction
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Scope & Definition of confined space
  • Understand Legal and statutory requirements for Confined space
  • Associated hazards and risk.
  • Hierarchy of control with respect to Confined Space
  • Roles and Responsibilities of entrants, attendants, entry supervisors and contractors.
  • Safety equipment and pre-use checks
  • Post Assessment

And Many more.

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