How to Become for GradIOSH Member?

To be recommended for Graduate Member status, you should hold one of the accredited qualifications or a cognate degree. You don’t have to have a specific level of experience in health and safety. Provided you have an appropriate qualification, you’ll become a Graduate Member.

All Graduate Members join our Initial Professional Development (IPD) scheme. IPD will take between two and five years to complete. If you successfully finish IPD, we’ll recommend that you’re awarded Chartered membership. This is the only route to Chartered membership.

Graduate Members must keep up to date with their CPD.

*You’ll join IOSH as an Affiliate Member at £191 (£133 membership fees + £58 joining fee). We will support you to transfer to a Graduate Member if you meet the criteria. On renewal, if you have transferred, you’ll pay a membership fee of £148 and a one-off charge of £160 to enrol onto our IPD scheme.

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IOSH membership is recognised worldwide as the benchmark for professional safety and health excellence. You’ve worked hard for your qualifications, so why not showcase your achievements and knowledge with those proud letters that denote your category of membership of the world’s leading professional body in safety and health (AIOSH, Tech IOSH, Grad IOSH, CMIOSH, CFIOSH)?

The gateway to Chartered status though GradIOSH Membership

DB HSE International is the Only and First Approved Training Centre of OTHM UK Qualifications. We provide International Standard Training on OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, Successfully achieving this qualification will make you eligible for GradIOSH Membership

Graduate Members have achieved a recognised and relevant degree-level qualification and are working towards the goal of Chartered status.

If you’re a Graduate Member you should reach Chartered status within five years of entering the category (an additional two years may be awarded on request if the eligibility criteria are met). Once enrolled on our Initial Professional Development (IPD) scheme, you will be assessed to see if you meet the standards to become a Chartered Member. Alongside IPD, you are also required to maintain your CPD record.

You’ll be able to showcase your achievements of being a Graduate Member by using the post-nominal letters GradIOSH after your name

As a member, you have the opportunity to use our online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to develop your career plan and reflect on your learning and work.

CPD is all about your skills, knowledge and expertise and will show employers that you’re serious about keeping these fresh and fit-for-purpose.

The CPD programme is obligatory for all Chartered Fellows, Chartered Members, Graduate and Technical Members, as your professional status is dependent on an up-to-date CPD record. Affiliate and Associate Members are welcome to use the programme to enhance their career, but it is not essential.

How will my CPD work?

  • You will create a framework to identify your skills gaps, either technical or personal
  • From this framework you will plan activities that will expand your knowledge and experience in the identified gaps
  • You will regularly update your CPD with the knowledge and skills learned from the completed activities.

Which types of activities can be included in the CPD programme?

A range of activities can be included when planning your CPD. Some include:

  • Working on one-off internal projects
  • Managing budgets
  • Designing training or learning programmes
  • Voluntary work in the local community, using your professional skills.
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