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Why choose a work-based degree?

Our courses are a different way to learn. Firstly, you are not studying on campus in structured lessons. Our work-based courses are driven by self-study, where you'll use your motivation, enthusiasm and time to complete your studies. Second, the structure of your studies is individual to you, and can contain mandatory and optional distance learning modules and work-based projects that create learning opportunities.


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"Embark on a transformative journey with an MBA in HSM from RB College, UK – where leadership meets innovation. Elevate your career and unlock new opportunities with a world-class education that blends cutting-edge business strategies with the heritage of excellence"

-Dr. Debjyoti Biswas (CEO & Founder)

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Hallo! Ik kom uit Amsterdam en ben een waakzame, nauwkeurige, en enthousiaste professional met meer dan 38 jaar boeiende ervaring in Health, Safety, en Environment Management. Ik ben lid van GradIOSH en heb succesvol de OTHM LEVEL 7 IDIPOHSM afgerond. Deze op werk gebaseerde MBA is zeer prestigieus, en ik raad alle professionals aan deze te volgen bij DB HSE International.

Groeten, ik ben Schellevis, een doorgewinterde Veiligheidscoördinator afkomstig uit Nederland. Ik ben volledig toegewijd aan het bevorderen van mijn carrière in gezondheid, veiligheid, en milieubeheer. Ik beveel DB HSE van harte aan voor je MBA-cursussen.

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UK MBA in Health and Safety Management (Practical MBA / PMBA)

Offered by RB College of The UK (Royal Business College)


Introducing our prestigious MBA program tailored for professionals seeking career advancement in Health and Safety Management. This comprehensive 120-credit program, designed by Royal Business College, is crafted for ambitious individuals aiming to excel without compromising their current commitments.

Program Focus:

Academic Excellence: Achieve postgraduate Level 7 proficiency while excelling in your current role.

Flexibility & Customization: Tailor your learning journey by blending self-study modules and work-based projects.

Why Choose a Work-Based Degree?

Our innovative approach to work-based learning provides a flexible alternative to traditional campus education, allowing you to customize your learning schedule according to your professional and personal commitments. Through a blend of mandatory and optional distance learning modules, this program imparts comprehensive knowledge and skills in Health and Safety Management.

Unique Features:

Real-world Application: Work-based projects enable practical application of theoretical concepts.
Individualized Support: Dedicated guidance for personal and professional growth.

Benefits of a Work-Based MBA:

Eligibility based on professional experience or high-level skills.
Tailor the course to align with personal, professional, and employer objectives.
Flexible learning and scheduling to accommodate existing commitments.
Immediate application of acquired skills in your current role, benefiting your company’s success.
Enhanced career prospects and improved job performance upon completion.

You should select at least 3 modules from the following to complete your Self-Study MBA course.

Module #1: Health and Safety Introduction
Module #2: Health and Safety Management System
Module #3: Safety Culture and leadership
Module #4: Marketing Management
Module #5: Strategic Management
Module #6: Data Analysis
Module #7: Business Finance
Module #8: International Business
Module #9: Modern Economics


Age must be equal to or over 30 years
Must have at least 10 years of experience.
You usually need a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) to do a postgraduate degree course. However, we may accept qualifications such as HNDs and Foundation degrees if you have several years of relevant post-qualification experience in responsible posts. Work-based degrees at levels 6 and 7 are approved and comply with the British education system. They comply with the Office for Students (OFS) and Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) standards in the United Kingdom.