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"Welcome to DB HSE International, where we empower safety professionals to excel in their roles. Enhancing capabilities, ensuring workplace security, and advocating for excellence."

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International Accreditations

IOSH UK Accredited Centre

We are an Accredited Centre of IOSH, Accreditation Number is 4690. We are the approved centre to deliver IOSH MS course.

OTHM UK Accredited Centre

We are an Accredited Centre of OTHM QUALIFICATIONS, UK, Centre Number – DC2201634. We are approved to deliver (UK Govt - Ofqual Regulated) Level 3, Level 6 & Level 7 International Diploma & Certificate qualifications in occupational health and safety.

AOSH UK Accredited Provider

We are an Accredited Centre of AOSH UK, Centre Code is ATC6310. We are approved to deliver Certified Master Trainer,  Level 1- Level 4 HSW, Level 4 Process Safety Management, Environmental Management , Fire Safety and First Aid courses. We have more, for more informations contact us.

Exemplar Global, USA - Recognised Training Provider

We are the RTP of Exemplar Global. We are approved to deliver ISO Lead Auditor Courses on every standard and also other most demanding HSE courses. Visit Exemplar Global site to know more.




Mr. Tuhin Tushar Kar

Senior HSE Trainer

Mr. Sangram Saha

Mr. Sangram Saha


Dr. Debjyoti Biswas 

OUR CEO & Founder

DB HSE International Earns High
Praise: Head of OTHM's Rave Review
Highlights Exceptional Quality

Stellar Recognition

One such privilege is to be working with DB HSE INT based in Kolkata, India. As one of our privileged awarding bodies, they provide our qualifications to their students not only from India but actually anywhere from Portugal to Brazil and anywhere else in between.

"We really look forward to our continued partnership with them, and together, between OTHM and DB HSE International, we look forward to providing students a quality experience towards achieving our qualification."

Patricia Land, Head - OTHM

About us

Welcome to DB HSE INTERNATIONAL, where our mission is to enhance the competencies of health and safety professionals. Our primary focus is on cultivating the knowledge and skills necessary for effectively supervising, directing worker representatives, and ensuring the well-being of employees in a secure work environment. We also aim to equip individuals with the expertise needed to manage organizational health and safety or advocate as a qualified advisor.

Accreditations are a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we proudly hold certifications from prestigious bodies such as IOSH, OTHM, Exemplar Global, and AOSH.

As an organization, we adhere to the highest standards and have earned the ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Additionally, we are recognized and licensed under the Indian Municipal Act of 1993, and we are registered under the MSME.

At DB HSE INTERNATIONAL, we strive to set benchmarks in health and safety education, ensuring a safer and more secure working environment for all.

At DB HSE INTERNATIONAL, our ambition is not to be recognized as the world’s number one training center; instead, we aspire to be your most favored training destination, delivering exceptional and tailored training elements with the utmost familiarity and excellence in service. Our goal is to stand out as the training center of choice, where individuals experience personalized and impactful learning, making us their preferred partner in their professional development journey.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the impressive numbers we have achieved: with over 16,000 learners trained and counting, our influence spans across 95+ countries. Operating in 45+ countries globally, our reach is extensive, contributing to the growth and development of the ever-expanding field of safety auditing, health safety, risk assessment, and recruitment.

In the realm of occupational and workplace-based safety courses, we have garnered phenomenal success. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have delivered high-quality health and safety training to numerous candidates. At DB HSE INTERNATIONAL, we are dedicated to empowering both safety professionals and non-safety professionals to realize their aspirations by guiding them toward successful careers in the right profession.

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As a trusted continuous learning partner, we help every member of the global workforce achieve career success.

DB HSE International is an online learning platform for the HSE Professionals and HSE Aspirants, It provides demanding, industry-relevant curricula that are created and delivered in collaboration with top-notch academics and awarding bodies. By fusing cutting-edge technology and services, DBHSE is constructing an immersive learning experience that can be had whenever and wherever.

Extraordinary Quality

Our courses are created exclusively by The UK OHS experts and DB HSE’s Trained HSE Experts in each theme. Despite skilled Health and Safety experts from various autonomous bodies.

Creative and Innovative

Candidates gain knowledge, competence, abilities, and skill through the itemised examination of accurate contextual analyses; they are immersed in the enthusiasm for fundamental concepts and are given the opportunity to work from fundamental standards related to Health and Safety right away.


Eliminating obstacles to high-quality education is a priority for DB HSE International. Reducing financial requirements – by combining skill development with the delivery of online and distance learning, we lower costs and ensure that fees are reasonable. Lessening practical requirements – For people who don’t live close to major cities, a combination of online learning and self-study, along with an emphasis on task-based evaluation, reduces the burden of travel time and costs.


This gives employees, managers, supervisors, and new health and safety aspirants confidence that our accredited courses are delivered by our Trainers, whose reliability, expertise, and ability are proven.

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