What is Work At Height?

  • Work at Height Means Work in Any Place Where, If Precautions Were Not Taken, A Person Could Fall A Distance Liable to Cause Personal Injury. You Are Working at Height If You:
  • Work Above Ground/Floor Level
  • Could Fall from An Edge, Through an Opening or Fragile Surface Or
  • Could Fall from Ground Level in To an Opening in A Floor or A Hole in The Ground
  • Work at Height Does Not Include A Slip or A Trip on The Level, As A Fall from Height Has to Involve A Fall from One Level to A Lower Level, Nor Does It Include Walking Up and Down A Permanent Staircase in A Building
  • Generally, Safe Working Height on A Ladder Is Defined as About¾ Of the Way Up It. If You Need to Go Higher Than That, You May Think It Looks Possible but It Definitely Won’t Be Safe–You’ll Need to Get A Higher Ladder

Benefit of Working at Height Training

For employees & workers engaged in work at height

  • Gain knowledge, skills and experience that are necessary to select and set up working at heights equipment ready for safe use and operation
  • Identify risks in the workplace and eliminate or reduce the risk of severe or fatal injuries
  • Demonstrate to others that you are taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements of national & international standards & statutory requirements
  • Use of fall protection system and devices, with rescue measures.

For employers

  • Proactive measures to manage your claims history by reducing any likelihood of industrial injury claims by their employees and sub-contractors
  • Comply with the legal and statutory requirements including the health and safety at work
  • Able to set in place safe systems and work and ensure that you get the best performance from plant and equipment
  • Increasing awareness of the risks associated with working at heights
  • Encouraging workers to take steps to avoid, prevent or reduce risk of falls from height
  • Providing a simple, flexible and interactive training experience for employees, including supervisory and managerial staff.
  • Standardizing training for all staff.

Advantages by Doing This Course

  • Reduces The Risk Of Accident At Work
  • Did You Know That Accidents At Work Can Damage A Company? In Some Cases, An Employer May Be Sued Due To Negligence And In Others Working Days May Be Lost. In Fact, Falls Count For 567,000 Working Days Lost Every Year. This Can Have A Huge Impact On A Business, Affecting Finances And Business’ Longevity.
  • Increases Staff Morale
  • When Staff Are Happy And Confident In A Job They Tend Work better. By Providing Employees With The Relevant Training They Need, Your Business Will Benefit Too. Staff Will Appreciate Your Investment In Their Health And Education And Will Continue To Work Hard.
  • Creates A Positive Health And Safety Culture
  • When Health And Safety Comes First, And Your Employees Receive The Proper Training, You’ll Notice That Your Working Environment Transforms. Safe Practices Become Second Nature To Everyone And Colleagues Lookout For Each other.
  • Our Training Is All-Inclusive
  • Whether You Work From A Ladder, Mobile Tower, Or Low-Level Access Equipment, Our Courses Will Provide All The Basic Knowledge You Need. When It Comes To Working At A Height, The Same Principles Apply No Matter What Access Equipment You’re Using. Dangers Still Exist Whether You’re Working From 0.5m Or 5m.
  • If You’d Like To Tailor Your Training Further, You Can Do So With One Of Our Specialist Access Equipment Courses.
  • Little Time Requirement For Long-Term Benefits
  • With Our Work At Height Training Course, You’ll Learn About Safety Protocols To Benefit You For A Lifetime. Our Courses Last For Just Half A Day Too–So It Really Won’t Take Much Of Your Business Time.
  • Effective Safety Training Lead To Safe Work Culture, High Morale, Increased Productivity, Hence High Credibility

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