Accident Investigation

Accident / Incident Investigation is a technique, adopting which the Investigation or Investigating Team continue procedurally, sequentially and analytically to gain details, circumstances, motives and records at the back of the occurrence, primarily based totally on which the instant reasons and greater importantly the basis reasons are ascertained. The endorsed measures assist in stopping such or maybe greater extreme incidents in future. Learners additionally come to research the legal, financial, moral, societal and technical motives for engaging in research. It is really well worth noting that for large incidents, there’s excessive strength judicial/ technical research that bureaucracy the idea for adjustments in regulation of the land.

Benefits of Accident Investigation Course

  • The cause of an event helps formulate actions to prevent a similar or more serious event.
  • The organization has a trained investigative team to undertake the task of conducting an investigation.
  • Organizations can more effectively define and assign roles and responsibilities, which in turn can give momentum to the overall EHS culture.
  • Employee management skills and behaviour can be further improved based on positive recommendations from the investigation.

On successful completion of this course students will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

Who should take Accident Investigation course?

This course is intended for your organization’s HSE representative(s), Joint Health and Safety Committee Members, Managers and Supervisors.

Course Delivery:


Learning Outcomes:

  • Accident Investigation Definitions
  • Why Investigate Accidents
  • Accident Sequence Model
  • Initial Response to an Accident
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Identifying the Causes of the Accident
  • Role Plays to Develop Investigation Skills
  • Accident Ratio Safety
  • Legal Requirements of the OH&S Act
  • Loss Causation Model
  • Collecting Information
  • Organizing and Analysing the Information
  • Making Recommendations for Corrective Actions
  • Effective safety Course lead to safe work culture, high morale, increased productivity hence high credibility.

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