Fire safety and industrial safety management

What is Post Diploma in Health and Safety?

Fire and industrial safety forms core segment of industrial development in India which, in recent times, has seen promising scope for aspiring safety professionals. For any country, its manufacturing sector plays vital role in supporting overall economic development. Industries overwhelmingly want qualified and highly talented fire and safety personnel to safeguard their installations, properties, workers and costly machinery from the ravage of fire and related hazards. Our post graduate diploma in fire safety management provides excellent opportunity for those seeking exciting career in fire safety and industrial safety management in India and abroad. Industries and government have taken fire and safety management seriously and have done adequate measures to meet the safety compliance to safeguard people and environment

Benefits of Post Diploma In Health And Safety

The post graduate diploma in fire and industrial safety management certification program enhances practical knowledge and working skills of students with respect to risk management techniques, general safety measures, standard health and well-being of workers and preventive control measures to avoid major disasters and losses in future. The role of workplace safety managers has become more significant these days due to increase in number of workplace accidents and injuries. Hence with the help of relevant safety techniques and efficient management system it is important to protect workers and secure workplaces. Our training envisages participants to groom them to expert level and can be employed as safety officers in any kind of industrial surrounding.

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Modules Covered

  • Fire & Safety Engineering
  • Industrial Safety
  • Occupational & Health Safety
  • Construction Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hazop & Off-Shore
  • Environmental Safety
  • Disaster Management Plan
  • Legal Legislation On Safety
  • Osha-18001
  • Practical –I
  • Practical -Ii



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