Mobile Elevated Equipment

Personnel operating MEWP must be knowledgeable in the safe use of the equipment and the hazards involved. This course focuses on different types of aerial platform. This course can be paused and resumed at any time, there is no limit to the number of times you can pass the exam, and a permanent record of your learning is maintained. These courses cover topics such as task assignments, personal protective equipment, fall protection, different types of aerial lifts, work procedures, associated hazards, and safe work practices. This program is designed to be completed at one’s own pace of study. Depending on the job or workplace hazard, equipment such as operator , or specific workplace , such as overhead hazards, may be required. Please contact us for more details.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, Managers, Workers representatives, Employees, Safety Professionals and aspirants willing gain a depth knowledge in MEWP Equipment.

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The Big 7 Benefits Of Using MEWPS

  • Flexible
    • Fully mobile
    • Access restricted space
    • Use internally and externally
    • Improve site safety
    • Qualified available
    • Cost effective

Safety Benefits Of Using MEWPS

MEWPs are a simple solution for lifting people and essential equipment high. Safely and quickly lift heavy tools or materials, special equipment or fragile items. Industry standards govern production and maintenance, making it easy to operate and reliable. Although required by law to use access equipment, the equipment is used quickly and efficiently by a small number of employees, thus benefiting the business in the long run. Road towing lifts also have an onboard drive system. Installed by one person and reach a height of 10 to 26 meters.

Course Outline

1. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

2. Requirements

3. Elevated Work Platform Basics

4. MEWP Hazards

5. Stability & Tipping

6. Fall Protection

7. Inspection Requirements

8. Visual Inspection

9. Operational Inspection

10. Safe Operating Practices

We continue to update our study materials, This syllabus is for an overall understanding, it may vary from the main syllabus according to the upgradation of the syllabus.

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