Interaction with Mrs. Paulomi Niyogi who is the Founder of Paulomi Niyogi consultant, Mr. Nirmal Karade who is working as Safety Advisor for more than 5 Years, Mr. Nazib who has more than 15 years of experience in Health and Safety Profession, Mr. Ambroise who has more than 20 years of experience in Health and Safety Profession.

The Host of the session Mrs. Paulomi conducted the discussion with some question which we believe are really helpful for those who are planning to become HSE Professional. Each of the guest of the show uniquely answered each question which made the whole session more interesting.

We have had a mesmerized experience by representing DB HSE INTERNATIONAL, Mr. Tuhin who is the senior HSE Trainer uttered some words of gratitude for the candidates who have always been complimenting his training styles and co-operation.

DB HSE INTERNATIONAL expresses its uttermost gratitude for every candidates who have experienced the training, With due reverence Everyone wanted to explain that Health and Safety profession is one of the most promising and fruitful career. The profession vividly shows the knowledge, expertise, and skills required for a HSE Professional to save people’s lives.

We have always been able to see DB HSE INTERNATIONAL’s rating on Internet, their students have always been happy and satisfied with their training and service. We hope and wish all the best to all the candidates for their future endeavor. One’s perseverance can be the reason for their success.

Contact us if you are also interested to build your career in Health and Safety, We have been able to guide more than 500 students around the world to build their career in Health and Safety Profession, as we believe in ‘taking less and providing the best’