On 21st March, 2022 DB HSE International performed A radiant and awe-inspiring seminar with the BBA Students of the prestigious The Heritage Academy. Mrs. Debjani (Coordinator of DB HSE) started the seminar by exhibiting her stunning welcoming personality, she has gained knowledge and experience throughout career in DB HSE International.

Mr. Tuhin (Senior HSE Trainer) had conducted the second part of the seminar, ‘An interactive session with the students’ was the first feedback uttered by Mr. Tuhin. “Students looked really interested, and Active in the session, I wish they knew about Health and Safety profession before, regardless I wish them All the best as they are still in their early 20’s, A career transition is only achieved through passion, Interest and endeavor in that field, I’d say that A job which motivates to help and protect everyone (In the company, and outside the company) with the feeling of accomplishment, and great remuneration is the Best Career ” – said at the discussion after the seminar.

Mr. Debjyoti Biswas GradIOSH (CEO and The Founder) who is the Backbone, and the person behind the Success of DB HSE International conducted the latter part of the session magnificently, He undoubtedly possesses extraordinary personality, His insight and knowledge sharing session acquired students’ attention, and interest. All over his remarkable way of training, and years of experience in helping people transition people’s career to Health and Safety was exhibited.

The presentation of DB HSE International along with the organization, and arrangement of The Heritage Academy made the whole symposium spectacular. We express our Heartfelt Gratitude and Appreciation to the Authority of the Heritage Academy and The Principal of The Heritage Academy. We also thank Mr. Souvik Paul for taking this sensational initiative, We Thank Mr. Debjyoti Biswas GradIOSH (CEO and The Founder), Mrs. Debjani (Coordinator), Mr. Tuhin (Sr. HSE Trainer), Mr. Sangram (Chief Operating Officer).