We are really proud to proclaim that we have been able to expand our network all the way to Latin America from India. It’s not only a proud moment but also a success for all the valuable Associates, Employees and Members of DB HSE INTERNATIONAL. Our respected associate Mr.Miglig Aleman who has joined our extra ordinary community of HSE Professionals from around the world, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Uganda, UAE Nigeria, DRC, Somalia, Gabon, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, China and now in Venezuela.

We recently have come live with our respected associate Mr.Miglig Aleman with our Venerated CEO and The Founder Mr.Debjyoti Biswas (GradIOSH, MIIRSM, WSO) who is the one to take the initiative of every wonderful ideas and events that can create greater opportunity in the World among HSE Professionals. We express our gratitude and heartfelt Thanks to him. Click here to watch

We have arranged a Free workshop on 2nd August, 2021. We are exceedingly mesmerized to received such an amazing response from Latin America who showed their heartiest interest in joining our Free Workshop on Health and Safety at workplace. We understand the essence of Free Health and Safety awareness and the importance in Everyone’s Life. Our Free workshop not only shows the courses that we provide but aims to improve efficiency and provide knowledge to all the attendees.

We are really looking forward to having a wonderful learner centered sessions with People from Latin America as we have done with the candidates from other countries successfully.

Our courses start from Level 1 to Level 7 (Basic to Advanced), We can guide anyone who wants to start their career in Health and Safety. We believe there is a lack of right guidance in today’s era. We believe in introducing some changes so that we can have a better safe future ahead. We believe our training sessions are extra-ordinary as it is delivered by approved trainers from many Health and Safety Awarding bodies. A competent HSE Professional can help creating Positive Safety Culture, we can guide you from the scratch how to be so as we have done in the past. Many people have changed their life in this career and we believe you can do it too.

Our motto is “Take Less and Provide the Best”

For more information, please feel free to drop an email at info@dbhseinternational.com