First Aid

First Aid Is Promptly Helping People Who Are Suddenly Sick (Illnesses) Or Hurt (Injuries Or Body Damage). For Example, First Aid Is Used At Accidents To Help An Injured Person Until They Receive Medical Treatment(Help By Doctors, Nurses Or Ambulances). First Aid Is Also Used To Help People Who Suddenly Become Sick, Until Help Arrives Or They Can Be Taken To Medical Care.

  • A Person Does Not Need Much Equipment To Give First Aid. A Package Of Things Useful To Give First Aid Is Called A First Aid Kit.Lives Can Be Saved Even Without A First Aid Kit. What Is Required Is Basic Knowledge
  • One Set Of Goals Of First Aid Is Called The “Threep’s”:
  • Preserve Life–Stop The Person From Dying
  • Prevent Further Injury–Stop The Person From Being Injured Even More. If Possible, An Injured Person Should Not Be Moved. First Aid Can Include How To Safely Move Injured People—Or Move The Many Way With Less Harm If There Is No Choice.
  • Promote Recovery–Try To Help The Person Heal Their Injuries

Why Should You Choose First Aid Course?

  1. It Can Save Lives This May Seem Like The Most Obvious Reason, But It Is Proved That First Aid Saves Lives. If There Is An Accident In The Office Is Anyone Trained To Come To The Rescue? First Aid Training Gives Your Staff The Confidence And Ability To React Immediately To An Incident, Injury Or Illness. Cpr (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) Has Been Reported That Many Lives Have Been Saved Due To Fast Reaction Cpr. This Would Have Been Given During Critical And Life-Threatening Accidents, Injuries Or Health Complications In The Workplace.
  2. Reduce The Number Of Workplace Accidents First Aid Training Helps Employees Learn To Be More Conscious Of Safety In The Workplace, Leading To A Reduced Number Of Accidents And Injuries. Minimizing Risk To Workers And Decreasing Workplace Incidents Is A Benefit To Everyone, But For Employers It Has Implications Within All Aspects Of Business Operations. All Employees Become More Safety Aware, Helping To Bring Down The Number Of Accidents.
  3. Positive Work Environment By Making First Aid Training Available To Employees, Employers Can Show Their Workforce That They Care About Providing A Safework Environment. First Aid Training Provided In The Workplace Can Even Be Used As An Excellent Team-Building Exercise And Morale Booster. Employee Morale Is An Integral Part Of Any Company. High Morale Leads To Positive Attitudes And Positive Attitudes Lead To Positive Results. The Happiness And Wellbeing Of Your Employees Will Help You Build A Strong Relationship, Ultimately Resulting In A Better Working Environment. First Aid Training Will Help Ensure Employee Health And Safety In Addition To Enhanced Wellbeing And Morale.
  4. Your Company Will Be Safer Place To Work Many Large Companies Give Firstaid As Part Of Employee Training; This Is A Very Wise Option Because It Guarantees They Can All Lookout For One Another. If An Accident Happens At Work; Employees Maybe Able To Prevent Further Injury To The Victim Of The Accident. First Aid Courses In The Workplace Promote Safer Practise Amongst Employees.

Importance Of First Aid

  • It Can Reduce Recovery Time
  • Rapid Reaction To Illness Or Injury, Before Further Aid Such As An Ambulance Arrives Cannot Only Save Lives, But In Addition, Will Reduce Recovery Time Of The Patient. If That Patient Is A Member Of Staff, That Means They’ll Be Back To Work Quicker, With Less Impact On The Business.
  • It Can Keep Employees Safe Outside Of The Workplace
  • It’s Not Just In The Workplace Where Good Firstaid Training Is Paramount–Employees Will Have Those Skills For Life, Especially If You Maintain Ongoing Refresher Courses. This Means They Can Treat Themselves, Their Family And Friends And The Public Effectively In An Emergency.
  • It’s A Great Team-Building Exercise
  • When Your Staff Get The Opportunity To Learn A Skill Together, One That Will Help Them Look After One Another, It Brings Them Closer Together. Many Teams Have Reported More Awareness Of Their Co-Workers Wellbeing Following First Aid Training.
  • It Gives Your Employees Confidence And Clarity During An Emergency
  • First Aid Training Doesn’t Just Teach Your Staff How To Treat Patients In Need Of First Aid, It Also Gives Them Confidence And Effectively Manage An Emergency Without Fear, Confusion Or Overwhelm.
  • The Cost Of A First Aid At Work Training Course Is Nothing Compared To That Of Potentially Saving A Live.
  • Providing Firstaid And Cpr Training Doesn’t Cost Much, But It Will Go A Long Way To Ensuring Work Place Health And Safety

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