An Honorary Doctorate Degree was conferred on, none other than, The Adroit and The Exemplary leader of DB HSE INTERNATIONAL, The CEO and The Founder of DB HSE INTERNATIONAL Mr. Debjyoti Biswas GradIOSH, by The Universal Press Media Association on September 18th 2022. We are fortunate enough to be a part of this esteemed and praiseworthy organization led and found by DR. Debjyoti Biswas GradIOSH. He has been an example of How Leadership should be, to each one of us in DB HSE INTERNATIONAL. We hope DR. Debjyoti will continue to motivate others, the same way, to be successful Safety Professionals and Most Importantly, A Good Human.

His Training has been an inspiration to many around the world, and We look up to him, and his generosity.

He has delivered a remarkable and awe-inspiring speech in The Doctorate Award Ceremony among hundreds of candidates. Being invited as Chief Guest, He was delighted to give the Doctorate Awards to many deserving candidates.

We believe DR. Debjyoti deserves this Honorary Doctorate, not only because he is a proficient leader and a wonderful trainer, but because he has been a wise, decisive and Kind Human being who played a vital role in many people’s life and career to remain inspired and encouraged. We want to Congratulate him on this special achievement!

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